Coconut Hound Haven

Are you a dog/cat lover and want to support the dogs and cats in Dominican Republic?

On this tour we will take you to the Coconut Hound Haven animal sanctuary.
A place where dogs and cats find a safe (temporary home) after being abandoned.
Most of the cats and dogs can be adopted.
The Mission from Coconut Hound Haven is to improve the health and well being of the dogs and cats living in Dominican Republic by fostering, adoption, emergency treatment and education.


coconut hound haven


You can help the Haven by visiting your local veterinarian to see if they are able to donate any of the medical supplies listed in the wish list. Even expired products are useful. Reaching out to a local pet store can also be effective.

• Included:

  • Round-trip transportation from hotels in Puerto Plata
  • Welcome snack and drink
  • Activities
  • Play with the cats and dogs

• Bring:

  • Camera
  • Sun protection
  • Cash to buy a souvenir and sponsor the Haven

• Prices:

  • 55 (the profit of this tour will be donated to Coconut Hound Haven)